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OXVA UNI Coils - 5pk


Mesh 0.2 Ohm
MTL 1.0 Ohm


he UNI Coils are designed to release the liquid's flavor to its maximum. Out talented engineers designed our coils to overcome its lifespan to make it longer and pleasurable for the user's experience. There are now five members of the UNI Coil Family, including a MTL Coil (1.0Ω), DTL Coils (0.5Ω, 0.3Ω), a Sub-Ohm Coil (0.2Ω) and an RBA Coil. All sorts of options to meet your different vaping needs.

OXVA UNI Coils are compatible with all pod systems below 40W from OXVA, like the Origin Kit, the X Kit, and the Origin X Kit.

UNI Kanthal A1 1.0Ω Coil - The choice of MTL Vapers.
This coil features effective nicotine delivery and has a great throat hit. It is the best choice for those who are newly switched from real cigarettes to vaping and for mouth-to-lung vapers. This coil is typically for mouth-to-lung vapers, we suggest 20-50mg nicotine salt or 3-12mg freebase with airflow fully open and wattage from 7-15W.

UNI Mesh 0.5Ω Coil - For both light DTL and MTL.
This coil releases the liquid's flavor to a high extent and delivers a full nicotine satisfaction and good throat hit. For light lung vaping, we suggest 0-6mg freebase or 20mg-25mg nicotine salt, airflow adjust from half open to full open and wattage from 20-25W. For mouth-to-lung vaping, we suggest 9-12mg freebase or 30mg-50mg nicotine salt, airflow adjust to from 1/4 open to 1/3 open and wattage from 10-20W.

UNI Mesh 0.3Ω Coil - The choice of DTL Vapers
This coil features dense flavor, great nicotine satisfaction, huge vapor production, and releases the liquid's flavor to the maximum and it is the best choice for those advanced vapers who used box mods or mechanical before. This coil is typically for direct-to-lung vaping. We suggest 0-6mg freebase of nicotine salt that below 20mg with airflow fully open and the wattage 30-40W.

***Recommended for use with the Origin X Kit.

Sold in 5 packs.

OXVA UNI Coils - 5pk

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