SWFT Pro Disposables



Nicotine Salt: 5%
Disposable Device - No Maintenance - No Charging - No Refilling.
Liquid Capacity: 6.0ML
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Puff Count: ~2000
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism


Avilable Flavors:

Hard Apple - Candy inspired creation reminiscent of your favorite green hard candies.
Kiwi Berry Ice - Tropical intermingling of sweet and tarty kiwis and mouthwatering strawberries.

Cotton Candy - Our Cotton Candy takes the traditional sugar confection candy to new heights.

Apple Peach - Apple Peach combines crisp, red apples &  scrumptious peaches for a fruit infused.

Strawberry Donut - Combines freshly baked donut batter topped with a tantalizing strawberry glaze.

O.M.G - Orange, Mango, Guava

Lychee Berry Ice - Exotic lychee berries and sweet red strawberries.

Aloe Grape - Aloe drinks that we all know and love, combined together with luscious sweet grape.

SWFT Pro Disposables