Pachamama Full Spectrum Tincture The Natural CBD


30ml - 750mg

Pachamama’s The Natural preserves the earthy, nutty flavor of pure cannabis extract. This full-spectrum CBD tincture comes in a two-ounce bottle in 750mg. The only other ingredient here is MCT oil, which helps you metabolize all those lovely cannabinoids, and quickly. Whether you’re on the go or just looking for a simple, efficient way to enjoy CBD, this product makes an exquisite partner to the daily grind. Drop the desired amount under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds or add it to your favorite cup of coffee.

Pachamama uses only heated air for extraction, ensuring that the full range of cannabinoids are collected without any chemical exposure. Third-party lab tested at every step, from plant to product, means their single-origin Colorado hemp oil is brought to you in its cleanest, purest form. Also available in Goji Cacao, Green Tea Echinacea, and Kava Valerian.

Pachamama Full Spectrum Tincture The Natural CBD

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