Acrylic Hookah Cup Set w/ LED Light 12"


New generation of hookahs with style and comfort. Made of Clear Acrylic. comes with whole Hookah Set: House, Tobacco Bowl, Astray, Tong with poker and Rubber Seal.

Easy to prepare and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. Providing entertainment, Smoking Pleasures and Big Clouds.

Portability: Hookah will meet your smoking needs, portable and durable that is enough to take it anywhere.

High quality Hookah with LED light that convenient for: houses, bars, clubs, weddings, parties, outdoor, cafeterias and families.
Reusable: Easy to Assemble, Disassemble and clean with water after each use to ensure clean and pure taste every time, especially when you change the flavors of the tobacco.

Acrylic Hookah Cup Set w/ LED Light 12"

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