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Empire Drip Shields
Empire Drip Shields

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Empire Drip Shield™
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Please note that all Cut Drip Shields
™ are Re-Cut by hand and some may slightly differ from one to the next. Every Drip Shield™ made is unique in its own way.

Empire Drip Shield

Available in an assortment of colors and finishes: Double Polished Aluminum, HEX, Anodized Solid, Cut, Flat And The New Spiral Designed Version Drip Shield All Featuring A New Thicker Bold Design!

The Empire Drip Shield™ is a USA made PV accessory. Machined and hand crafted from high quality aircraft grade aluminum, these have been thoroughly beta tested back in 2010 for 8 months prior to launch here to assure that you are receiving a product that has been fully tested and monitored before bringing them to the market. The Drip Shield™ designed purpose is to keep the 901 atomizer from leaking, removing the necessity to carry paper towels with you for wiping away constant leakage. No adapter or any other accessory is needed with a 901 atomizer, simply slide the Drip Shield™ over the atomizer and you're good to go on most 901 connected/native devices.

    While originally designed for the 901 atomizer and The Empire PV MOD, the Drip Shield™ will also work with 510 atomizers and even (306 with delrin XL drip tip) as well. Using a Separately sold thread adapter (510-901 or 901-510 for example), you simply slide the Drip Shield™ over the atomizer until it covers the connection between atomizer and adapter and that's it. On a device/accessory where the connection between atomizer and battery is of the same diameter, an adapter may not be necessary. Empiremods also carries a (510-510) adapter. This adapter gives it the height and clearance it needs to work effectively on most all recessed 510 native device connections.


    *Prevents the 901 atomizers from leaking. Also works with 510 & (306 with delrin XL fitted drip tip) and proper adapter.

    *Works as a heat sink. By drawing fresh air in through the two tiny holes located at the top of the shield, use of the Drip Shield™ will keep your atomizer cool which results in the prolonged life of atomizers.

    *Tighter draw. The two tiny holes in the top of the drip shield also serve to give a tighter draw, giving you a nice, smooth and less-airy pull with more vapor production!

    Our Aim is for everyone to be able to use the Drip Shield™ as successfully as it has been used prior to launch here at EmpireMods.com As such we will give as much info/instructions as possible to ensure customer and vaping satisfaction.


    When you first get your Drip Shield™ it is best to wash off any access polish, metal or dust from shipping ect. This is done here before going out but as with drip tips, it's always best to clean them yourself after receiving and before first using them. Make sure you dry them completely. When replacing the Drip Shield™, ensure that the atomizer and shield are completely dry before sliding back over your atomizer. This ensures the 2 o-rings inside form a very good seal and will not move unless you purposely wish it to.

    (If the Drip Shield™ is not going on smoothly to atomizer and seems too tight, add a drop of your e-liquid to the o-rings inside Drip Shield™ and slide on with ease.

    (If you find the default draw via the two holes on your drip shield™ are not to your personal preference, you can adjust them very easily. Simply use a pin, like that of a safety pin, push into one of the holes and gently move the pin around to widen the hole a little. Try the draw and if still not to your liking, do the same with the second hole, then further enlarge each one to your personal preference if needed.)

    When using a 901 atomizer you need to simply slide Drip Shield™ over atomizer already attached to your PV device, making sure that 2 tiny laser holes on Drip Shield™ are on the top part of atomizer towards the mouthpiece, drip your favorite E-Liquid/Juice of choice into your atomizer & Vape away!

    *Using Empire Drip Shield™ On 510 or 306 (delrin XL drip tip fitted) Atomizers.

    The Empire Drip Shield™ was built to stop the leaking of 901 atomizers, but with use of separately sold thread adapters, they can work for 510 or (306 with delrin XL drip tip fitted) atomizers. The key to make this work is the adapters let the liquid travel into the Drip Shield™ through the 4 tiny vent cuts where adapter meets bottom of atomizer and liquids are then collected. The separately sold (510-510) adapter we sell will make it work for 510/306 on most all devices as well. On a device/accessory where the connection between atomizer and battery is of the same diameter, an adapter may not be necessary.

    *Disassembling your atty/adapter/Drip Shield™ set up on a 510 device

    As the Drip Shield™ is a 901 atty designed accessory, using it with 510/306 atomizers requires the use of an additional 510-510 adapter in most situations in order to have it perform the same function as it does with a 901 atomizer. Please take care when removing you Drip Shield™ from your device. While it should never require excessive force to remove a shield, should the o-rings inside be dry and or the connection between atty and adapter be loose on a 510/306 set up and a space be left between the two, this could lead to the o-ring catching in that space and therefor requiring a little force to pull the shield free. Should it feel like it is going to require a great deal of effort to remove it, make sure to thread it onto a solid device with a standard connector on it before pulling the Drip Shield™ off as some devices use their own and are made from softer metals than that of attys/adapters. Excessive force on such soft metal threads could lead to them being stripped partially or completely and would damage the threads of the device.


    Maintenance of your Drip Shield™ is as simple as cleaning it, soap & water and tissue to dry. We recommend cleaning 1-2 times a week or if Drip Shield™ is loaded with juice. A dry pull without activating your PV can draw any excess juice which has collected in the Drip Shield™ or bottom of the atomizer back up and into it, resulting in less waste of juice. Simple maintenance will help you get the most out of your atomizers and Drip Shield™!

    Should you need any help with any of our products, please contact us anytime at Sales@Empiremods.com. We are here to help the community more then anything else and ensure that we all get the most out of our vaping lives together.

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It's HOT! March 25, 2013
Reviewer: Dan Hillis from Mentone, CA United States  
I picked up the silver solid and it looks awesome and works equally the same, also got the matching drip tip excellent.   Shipping was great and I got a little extra item in my order I wasn't expecting and I really appreciate it!! Thanks guys that was awesome.

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Resurrected the 901 Atty! April 12, 2012
Reviewer: Sgt.Taz from The #DangerDen  
The drip shield is a must have for anyone direct dripping. even on the 510 style atties it's use makes dripping less of a hassle and more enjoyable experience. Don't buy the imitation, get the original and well crafted one here! Too many options and styles to suit the pickiest of people. Get a couple and never have juice on your PV again.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Drip Shield November 25, 2011
Reviewer: HzG8rGrl/Sally from FL United States  
Everyone should own at least one and all pv's should be sold with one.
Having a drip shield is mandatory on any pv I use. They keep the juice off your pv/mod, off your hands and right where it belongs-with the atomizer. Be careful though, they are like Pringles……You can't stop with just one. Moar-I want moar!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Great October 27, 2011
Reviewer: P Smith from Wake Forest, NC United States  
I got my drip shield at VaperCon. It works fantastic. No fuss, no mess just great vaping. Great device, fits well and very sturdy. I also need to mention how really great it looks on my new Buzz Pro.

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Where have these been all my life?? October 11, 2011
Reviewer: Jay Newman from Arnold, MO United States  
This is by far the most simple, yet innovative accessory invented yet!..  No more mess, no leaks, great air flow, and sexy too!  Thanks Empire!!!!

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