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The Empire PV MOD

The Empire PV MOD

"Currently Out Of Production"

The Empire PV MOD is an all mechanical custom machine made Personal Vaporizer (PV) made right here in the USA and the first production started in 2011. It has a native 901 connection that the Drip Shield™ accessory was designed for. Manufactured from aircraft grade 20/24 Aluminum for its quality, low maintenance requirements and light weight. Named for its likeness to the Empire State Building, The Empire is one of the most versatile devices on the market today.

Able to accommodate almost any Genuine AW battery size/configuration on our site (from 16340s to 18650s) by simply adjusting the height of the center tube. Thanks to the perfectly machine threads and unique design, changing battery types means merely turning the center post to expand or retract it into the main body/sleeve so there are never any parts being switched out in order to change voltages or battery models. Featuring a locking brass bottom button design, The Empire is "pocket friendly" device.

Due to the light weight, just 42 grams, it can be stood up with battery installed and not self activate even if the button has not been locked. Fully customizable in appearance by the user thanks to interchangeable anodized color sleeves for the main body and a multitude of different Drip Shields
, every Empire owner can truly express themselves in their vape however and whenever they like.

Subject to availability
Our Price: $139.99
Empire PV MOD Body Sleeve

Empire PV MOD Body Sleeves

Empire PV MOD Sleeve Exclusively for use with the Empire PV MOD, these sleeves, in Anodized or Polished 20/24 Aluminum, allow existing and future owners of the Empire to completely change the look of their PV by switching out the sleeve for something with a different style/color than what they already have. Mix or match with
Drip Shield™ of you choice to create the look you want whenever you like (Empire PV MOD and Drip Shield™ in pictures not included). Available in: Black, Red and Silver.

Subject to availability
Our Price: $39.99
Empire Mod O'Ring Replacement

Empire Mod O-Ring Replacement

Set of 2 Replacement O-Rings for the 901 connection thread of the Empire Mod. If you had a atomizer that damaged the original one from over tightening or just wearing over time, then this is the item you would need. These will work for all the Empire Mods 901 native connections.

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $0.75